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The team of Rego Partners consists of financial experts and academics who have built up experience in the financial sector through the years.

Rego Partners was created in 2015 and is a partnership of strong financial investment experts, with its head office in Leuven (Belgium) and subsidiaries in Luxembourg. It is founded by Benedict Peeters and Christophe Pecoraro, two financial experts with significant experience in the field of structured investment solutions, especially for quantitative portfolio strategies.

We provide tailor-made financial solutions and services for institutional clients, designed with the purpose to add more stability to our clients’ portfolios, especially from a long-term point of view. We believe that our long-term stability approach is key for successful decisions regarding investment and portfolio management. We are committed to delivering clear and open communication towards our clients and we attach great importance to complete transparency.

We have access to many expert researchers and data providers to ensure that the highest standards of methodological compliance are applied for each development.

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Rego Partners has a long-term view and focuses on the enhancement of the stability of portfolio returns, while reducing the portfolio risk.

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Our team will work in complete transparency with its clients, avoiding any conflict of interest with partner companies or third parties.

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Our people have built up international experience over the years and will offer professional tailor-made solutions, uniquely developed for every client.

A dedicated team of financial experts.

Our Team

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Benedict Peeters / CEO AND CO-FOUNDER

Benedict Peeters is CEO and co-founder of Rego Partners. He has significant experience in the financial sector as he worked for several financial institutions, including bulge bracket firms such as KBC, Deutsche Bank in London (where he was founder and chairman of the board of the X-Markets Fund platform), Morgan Stanley in London (Managing Director and Head of Structured Products for Europe and MENA) and Fortis Investments (Global Head of the Structured Business).
Prior to starting Rego Partners, Benedict was also CEO and co-founder of Finvex Group, an investment boutique and a reputable financial expert in offering advanced index solutions. He is currently also board member and conducting officer of both the management company ShelteR Investment Management and its SICAV ShelteR Invest and holds the position of president of the Board of LuxHedge.


Frank Bruynseels / PARTNER

Frank is a partner of Rego Partners. Frank has extensive experience in the private banking and wealth management industry and held various positions in Belgium, Monaco, and Luxemburg. He was CEO of Commerzbank International Belgium and a member of the Executive Committee of Banque Nagelmackers in Belgium and CEO of Banque Nagelmackers in Luxemburg. Afterwards he was member of the Management Committee of ABN-Amro Bank in Monaco and became the CEO of Commerzbank International in Belgium and later co-owner of the bank.


Anthony Baum / PARTNER

Anthony is a partner of Rego Partners, assisting in corporate finance activities, including mergers & acquisitions and real estate financing, business development and commercial activities. He is also offering support to different other entities and activities of the group more in particular the Reitsmarket activities in liquid real estate. He holds a degree of Applied Economic Sciences at the University of Antwerp.



Kris Boudt is Associate Professor of Finance and Econometrics at Solvay Business School (VUB) and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He is a research partner of Finvex Group and Rego Partners. He also acts as an affiliated researcher at KU Leuven and has been an invited lecturer at the University of Illinois in Chicago, SWUFE in Chengdu and the University of Aix-Marseille. Kris Boudt obtained his PhD in 2008 for his developments in the modelling and estimation of financial risk under non-normal distribution.
He has published his research in the Journal of Portfolio Management, Journal of Financial Econometrics, Journal of Risk and the Review of Finance, among others. Kris Boudt received several awards for outstanding research and refereeing. He is also the co-author of several R packages, such as the HighFrequency, PeerPerformance and PortfolioAnalytics package.



Nabil will join Luxhedge starting September 1st, 2016 and will be a research partner of LuxHedge and Rego Partners. He will work on alternative UCITS frameworks, index design approaches and advanced portfolio models. Nabil’s scholarly talents have a financial background. He is a graduate student from the Solvay Business School as a Master in Business Engineering, class of 2016. His natural affiliation with exotic markets and highly complex market structures spilled over in his dissertation project which handles the algorithmic design of quantitative investment strategies in Chinese financial markets (under Prof. Kris Boudt). He collaborated on a research project with a governmental agency where he extended the existing predictive risk models and fraud detection techniques in RStudio. He was also able to enhance his studies with an international experience in China (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), which equipped him with vast insights in quantitative investment strategies, portfolio management and fixed income securities.


Akos Zold / PARTNER

Akos is an external consulting partner of Rego Partners. Akos has over 25 years of Financial Services and Treasury experience, gathered primarily with Morgan Stanley (New York), Deutsche Bank (Frankfurt, London, Singapore), Dubai Holding (Dubai) and Gulf Finance House (Bahrain), where he worked as 'Head of Treasury and 'Head of Global Markets'. He is a national of Sweden, a graduate of the European Business School and has lived and worked in 14 countries. Besides Swedish and English, he speaks German, French, Spanish and Hungarian.


Véronique Heymans / PARTNER

Veronique is in charge of the accounting and administration of Rego Partners and its subsidiaries. She started her career at Sanofi Aventis where she became expert in medicine application processes. She is also active as real estate and energy expert and gained vast experience in financial management at Finvex Group. Veronique holds degrees in energy certification and real estate management.


Kris Iserbyt / PARTNER

Kris Iserbyt is a financial real estate expert with over 18 years of professional experience, of which 14 in the financial sector. He is Partner at Rego Partners via K&V Real Estate, an independent boutique in financial consulting, mostly real estate related. Before, Kris was also Director at ING Corporate Finance where he was responsible for mergers and acquisitions of real estate companies, capital market transactions for Belgian listed real estate companies, strategic advice and structured several club deals in real estate finance.


Fabien Boniver / PARTNER

Fabien Boniver is a freelance consultant collaborating regularly with Rego Partners and an affiliate professor at the University of Liège. Fabien holds a PhD in mathematics and an advanced master in actuarial science, both summa cum laude. He provides custom advice in actuarial topics, especially regarding life, risk, and financial matters, in which he gained experience during more than 10 years in several expert and management positions at Ethias. Fabien also has a deep understanding in IT, from software architecture and development to project management, and enjoys issues in which IT and actuarial aspects combine.