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Strategic financial solutions

Strategic financial solutions

Throughout the years, our team has built up significant experience in the field of adding stability to overall investment portfolios. Our next generation financial solutions seek to maximise the total portfolio return but will be focusing at the same time on the reduction of the investment risk that is present in the clients’ portfolio. Our target is to enhance the stability of the portfolio returns and we will use financial investment techniques and strategies to fulfil our clients’ long-term needs and wishes. In order to achieve the portfolio objective of adding further stability, one should have access to the right tools and models to effectively adapt the portfolio to changing market conditions.

At Rego Partners, we have developed several proprietary tools and solutions, ranging from asset allocation tools to specialised index solutions and alternative strategies including derivatives for risk management purposes. We have built in-house models for dynamic asset allocation purposes to adapt our clients’ portfolios to such changing market conditions and circumstances. Our strategies are based on academic research and the internal know-how of our team and have been tested historically across various market cycles. These portfolio management strategies involve frequent rebalancing of an investment portfolio so as to bring the asset mix back to its long-term target, as agreed upon together with the client.

Rego Partners will offer you its independent insight advice and services, without any conflict of interest with other financial institutions or partners. Our team will guide you through the complexities of these next generation financial strategies and will work step by step together with the client as a partner. Our dedicated team of specialists will first analyse the situation of each before taking action. Afterwards, an optimal solution will be developed and build in order to meet the long-term portfolio objective of the client. Our team will offer efficient and frequent reporting and ensures to work in full transparency with its clients.