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Fund & asset management

Fund & asset management

In addition to its offering, Rego Partners has also the capabilities to offer its clients services for fund and asset management and multi-factor modelling via its subsidiary ShelteR Investment Management. ShelteR Investment Management is a Luxembourg-based investment management company regulated by the CSSF.

The investment philosophy of ShelteR Investment Management centres around three core values: achieving returns with enhanced stability, a rigorous approach to investments and operating as a sustainable firm. The aim of ShelteR is to reduce risk without impacting returns by using advanced risk analysis to generate more stable portfolios. In other words, the investment approach of ShelteR is based on client-focused investing with a long-term view where risk reduction and stability are key considerations. We are convinced that the dynamics of active management in combination with the effectiveness of quantitative management will offer more opportunities for our investment strategies.

ShelteR offers a variety of actively managed investment solutions across different asset classes using investment strategies with main focus on risk reduction to become more stable portfolios with enhanced returns and risk characteristics. ShelteR is also considering to launch funds based on its next generation multi-factor models for the structured products market.

  • ShelteR Invest Low Volatility
    Low Volatility is a fund that invests in Euro-denominated funds including bond funds, diversifying funds and mixed patrimonial funds.
  • ShelteR Invest Europe Factor Premium
    Europe Factor Premium is a pure equity fund that invests in European equities that meet sustainability criteria and that are dynamically screened with the purpose to add stability and exploit performance from factor cycles.
  • ShelteR Invest Short Term Income
    Short Term Income is a fund that invests mainly directly in Investment Grade corporate and government bonds, commercial papers and UCITS or other UCIs investing in short term bonds.
  • ShelteR Invest Real Estate Low Volatility
    Real Estate Low Volatility is a diversified portfolio of Belgian and European REITS, targeting a 50/50 allocation between both regions.
  • ShelteR Invest Best Alternative UCITS
    Best Alternative UCITS is a fund that targets a positive absolute return at very low levels of volatility by investing in alternative UCITS funds that we consider best among their strategy.