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Fund selection & alternative UCITS

Fund selection & alternative UCITS

Complementary to our tailor-made next generation financial solutions, Rego Partners also offers services for specialized selection of traditional and alternative UCITS funds as we believe that both services go hand in hand to achieve the objective of adding more stability to portfolio returns. Our subsidiary LuxHedge is a specialist in the analysis of funds, covering all asset classes and geographical markets, and in particular in the analysis of alternative UCITS funds. We will combine our active top-down asset allocation views with bottom-up fund selection, adapted to the needs and wishes of our clients.

We understand that different investors have differing levels of risk appetite and potentially different time horizons associated with how they expect returns to develop as well as interest in capital protection and inflation-proofing their portfolios. Therefore, Rego Partners offers together with LuxHedge research services to investors to assist them in seeking out the fund or funds which best suits their investment criteria and risk outlook. This may involve:

  • Benchmarking funds or baskets of funds against other indices and asset classes
  • Filtering the universe of funds according to both quantitative and qualitative criteria
  • Peer analysis concerning the managers’ skills and ability to follow its strategy


Rego Partners will offer, in close cooperation with LuxHedge, its services for traditional and alternative UCITS fund analysis which will be tailored to each client’s specific requirements. LuxHedge is unaffiliated to any fund manager or group of fund managers in the fund space to ensure that all analysis is strictly unbiased.

The alternative UCITS universe is a small but fast-growing niche. We have seen that an increasing number of institutional investors are looking for the alternative strategies usually associated with hedge funds but with the liquidity associated with listed open-ended investment companies. The LuxHedge team has gained significant experience and has spent years tracking and monitoring alternative UCITS funds. By focusing on this area, they have built up a deep and unique level of expertise and knowledge on the world of liquid listed alternatives strategies across Europe, leading to the largest internal data base that covers more than 1,300 European alternative UCITS funds through 12 different strategies.