How we work

In close and transparent partnership with our clients.

Stability matters

Stability as our investment objective to target enhancement of portfolio returns. Adding stability to a portfolio can help reduce risk and avoid heavy losses.

Portfolio losses require disproportionate subsequent positive returns in order to return to break-even levels as the below graph shows. That is why Rego Partners believes portfolio stability should be at the fore-front of investment decisions.

Rego Partners will assist its clients in analysing markets and searching for the best and most suitable financial solutions, whether it is about risk-optimising the existing financial solutions or developing next generation financial solutions based on our in-house technology. Our deep industry knowledge in combination with our vast experience in the financial sector enables us to offer investment solutions for clients who are looking for enhanced stability of their investment portfolio.

Stability matters and is often overlooked in favour of investments and/or strategies aiming for higher potential returns. Adding stability to a portfolio can simply help to limit losses and provide steadier returns that help enhance overall portfolio stability in the longer term.