Real Estate Solutions

Liquid and illiquid real estate solutions

Diversification as objective

Our aim is to understand our clients needs and assist them in finding the optimal financing solution for their specific situation.

Rego Partners offers various real estate solutions varying from liquid and illiquid fund solutions as well as market tracking solutions and direct real estate investments or development via partnerships. Some of these solutions are offered via its subsidiary ShelteR Investment Management, an in Luxembourg regulated asset manager.


Illiquid real estate solutions – The RIO Fund

RIO is a Belgian real estate development fund that invests in a diversified portfolio of residential real estate development projects with a core focus on Belgium. The purpose is to benefit from the profits made by real estate development. The RIO Fund aims to facilitate the value creation between investors, developers and real estate buyers by investing in the equity tranches of residential real estate development projects.

Top real estate developers generate high return but are often in need of capital to invest. Through careful analysis and selection and via our network of numerous quality developers, we aim to build a diversified portfolio of quality development projects.


Liquid active real estate solutions

ShelteR Investment Management offers the ShelteR UCITS Sustainable Reits fund. A globally diversified portfolio of liquid real estate with a focus on Europe, Belgium and healthcare real estate. It has a cost-efficient design, is UCITS IV complaint and offers daily liquidity. The REITs fund has obtained a Febelfin Label which means it’s only invested in sustainable listed real estate companies. The fund focuses on risk reduction and risk control through the use of market-based factors. More information on


Liquid passive real estate solutions

Under the brand name 'Reitsmarket', Rego Partners offers market tracking solutions in the form of in-house smart real estate indices. Currently Reitsmarket has 3 indices tracking global listed real estate companies. Euronext NV acts as the Administrator of the indices, while Rego Partners acts as the Supervisor and determines the rules and the periodical selection of the constituents of the index. The indices are commercialised in partnership with Goldman Sachs International. More info on